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Benny has been maintaining my 2001 M-B E320 for 10 years. I recently had the tires rotated at the tire shop where the tires were purchased. I asked the tire shop to check for what appeared to be a nail in one of the tires. The tire shop recommended a front break job and said that they took care of the nail. I took the vehicle to Nissi for the brake job which was completed on the same day as promised. To my surprise, Benny found the nail that the tire shop supposedly took care of. This is but one example of the of the proactive service given by Nissi. They do everything needed to maintain my vehicle. And they make recommendations for future services.

Thomas S.
Daly City, CA

I was impressed with the customer service I received at Millbrae Motors. The repairs to our car were made without delays and they even found a way to save me some money on the parts. This was my first time using them for service and I would go back again.

Jill S.
Millbrae, CA

Benny has been servicing my Mercedes over 15 years. He is a very reliable and experienced mechanic. I am happy with his work. Staff of Nissi Motors are friendly and helpful. I am sure you will find their service satisfactory.

Jerry W.
Burlingame, CA

Hi there! ihave a Mini 2002 S. Benny have been taking care of my car for the last 8 years. I just had a suspension, tires and brackets and muffler replace or fixed. They work was fast to get your car back to you. Benny is helpful and very trustworthy to make sure he gets you the right parts. i’m thankful they are there.

Fernando R.
Pacifica, CA

I took my car to this place yesterday for a general check up and some other couple issues. They were very nice, efficient and honest. It’s true it is the first I use theirs services, but so far so good. I’m happy and I’ll go back.

Corina C.
San Bruno, CA

I took my 2007 AMG SL65 to Millbrae Motors for regular service earlier this year and was very satisfied with the result. The SL65 requires a few relatively unusual steps as part of the standard service, but the Millbrae Motors staff were right on top of it, including letting me know when they needed to do something they found odd (like add the fairly exotic differential oil required by the 65.) I’m certainly going to continue to use Millbrae Motors for all regular service.

Eric H.
Burlingame, CA

Been a customer for 5 years now and will continue to one! (Audi, Mini Cooper) Reliable, over and above, good customer service.

Susan W.
Millbrae, CA

Hallelujah! I finally found somebody to take care of my Porsche in a timely, helpful, and most importantly an honest fashion. Not to mention that their prices were quite a bit lower than the previous people (that sit at the top of this list). Nor did they include work that didn’t need doing. Unlike some others. Crucially, I didn’t find myself bringing the car in on a Monday only to find on Friday that nothing had yet been done. These folks do what they say they’ll do when they say that they will. All with a smile. I can’t recommend Millbrae Motors highly enough!

John M.
Millbrae, CA

I have been to quite a few mechanics in SF and can honestly say that Benny’s work is a proven product. He specializes in Mercedes but was very surprised to learn how knowledgeable he is with just about any car regardless if it is foreign or American. I purchased a used 2006 BMW 330ci several months ago and as expected the car needed some work inside and out. It did not have the performance expected from a BMW based on experience driving other BMW’s. But with Benny’s touch it was restored and has been driving smoothly ever since. What I appreciate about Benny and what you will be hard pressed to find is a mechanic with integrity. He is not in business to take advantage of people and will not persuade you to fix something that is not necessary. If you are looking for a mechanic who is honest and reasonably priced, then Benny is your guy!

Melissa L.
San Mateo, CA

Benny and his team are great. They really know about European cars and they give you better service than the dealer with a much better price. I highly reccomend them.

Jon M.
South San Francisco, CA